Sound healing

Sound is the origin of all and is around and within us. When we develop a consciousness at a sound level, our horizons open on the vibrations that everything and everyone is transmitting. It’s with ancient Tibetan bowls, hand made and specially tuned that we share sound healing and meditation, allowing energy to flow in your bodies. Their vibrations help to get into a deeper meditation state and release emotional and physical toxins. Through the sound healing sessions, we learn about chakras, our energy centers, releasing stuck energy,  finding our full potential and connecting with our divinity.

Anna-Kim Pagé,  Sound Healing Practitioner


Anna-Kim practices Yoga on her mat, but more important in her daily life. Yoga is for her the perpetual observation and acceptation of self and the universe around. She is a 200h certified Yoga teacher from a Om Shanti Yoga community located in Mazunte, Oaxaca. She then studied sound healing with International Academy of Sound healing in 2016 in India and it was the beginning of a new chapter. She is currently still studying sound healing in order to complete a certificate with Globe Institute.  Today, she offers weekly sound healing sessions with her Tibetan bowls every Saturday night at Yoga Company. Every summer, she returns to her home, Quebec, where she also organizes yoga retreats in nature.

Join her for a sound healing and cosmic journey session!

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